We are a major steel manufacturer in South East Asia with over 70 years of business history. Apart from our own manufacturing plants in Thailand and China, we are also active in trading of several construction materials to all the corners of the world.

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General Construction Materials
Standard steel pipe
Hollow section tube
Aluminum extrusion profiles
Various roll-formed steel profiles

Fluid Carrying Pipe
TFQ API 5L Pipe the gas and oil steel pipe
TFQ UL-Listed Flow Pipe the certified sprinkler steel pipe
SYLER Pipe the PE-Lined steel pipe where strength and cleanliness meet
Thai-PPR Pipe the potable water pipe for the future

Fencing & Horticulture Products
General steel fence
Grapestakes for vine growing


  With our entry to China since 1988, we have established firm trading relations with many world class suppliers and customers. We are able to offer various products geared for the ever changing needs of the market.